Monday, 11 July 2011

Pop Up Gallery at The Old Church School, Frome.
During the Old School Start-ups Business Festival.
An Exhibition of Artists & Designers.
8 August to 4 September 2011


Celia Bennett – painting
Debbie Krzyzosiak – ceramics
Dominic Greensmith - photography
Grace Johns – jewellry
Masie Findlay – painting
Rebecca Coles – assemblage.
Rebecca Krzyzosiak – printing
Tom Bayliss - sculpture
Tristan Stevens – painting & sculpture

The Frome Pop Up Gallery, that opened its doors in an empty shop on Catherine Hill this May, is back! Pop 2.0 will be held during the month of August in The Old Church School, a Forward Space work hub (behind Wesley Church), as part of their business festival; Old School Start-ups.

The Old Church School provides flexible workspace for small businesses. The business festival will be holding various events and seminars and invited Pop Up to fill the hub’s walls and showcase some of the talent this area has to offer. Rebecca Krzyzosiak, manager of The Old Church School, says, “We wanted the Pop up gallery in the business festival as we wanted to include an event that would involve the community and art as well as business.” 

The pop up gallery is a flash concept aimed at utilizing spaces for a short term. It is non funded, non profitable (any sales going solely to the artist) with the key emphasis to showing the high level of artists this area has. A spokeperson for the Pop up says,  “We do not want to feel fixed to an institution or generic gallery space. We aim to bypass administration and focus on what’s important, art for the viewing public.”

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